Member List

Members' public details are listed below.
Member No Sort descending Name Type Country
A001 MaryBrigid Turner (MaryBrigid) Attending Ireland
A003 Jean Bürlesk Attending Luxembourg
A004 James Shields (LostCarPark) Attending Ireland
A005 Russell A Smith Attending United Kingdom
A006 Edmund Schluessel Attending Finland
A008 Jean Thompson Attending United Kingdom
A009 Paul Taylor Attending United Kingdom
A010 Carolyn Attending Ireland
A011 Cecilia Carelse Attending Ireland
A012 Gareth Kavanagh Attending Ireland
A013 Gerard Cunningham Attending Ireland
A014 Niall Kitson Attending Ireland
A015 Sharon Corbet Attending Germany
A016 Gwen Frazer (Gwen) Attending Ireland
A017 Tommy Ferguson Attending United Kingdom
A018 Karina C Attending Ireland
A019 Áine Attending Ireland
A020 Jenn Quinn (Jenn) Attending Ireland
A021 Fred Motson Attending United Kingdom
A022 Kate Sheehy (Kate) Attending Ireland
A023 Juliet McKenna (Juliet E McKenna) Attending United Kingdom
A024 Anna Rose Attending United States of America
A025 Paul Anthony Shortt (Paul) Attending Ireland
A026 Brian Nisbet (Brian) Attending Ireland
A027 Alex Attending Ireland
A028 Oisín McGann Attending Ireland
A029 Rachael Kelly (RB Kelly) Attending United Kingdom
A030 Bev Brown (Bev) Attending Ireland
A031 Fionna O'Sullivan (Short Redhead) Attending Ireland
A032 Deirdre Thornton (Wyvernfriend) Attending Ireland
A033 Noelle Jenda Attending Ireland
A034 Alek McElhinney (Alek) Attending Ireland
A035 Catherine Sharp Attending United Kingdom
A036 Taya Wiggins (Taya) Attending Ireland
A037 Jane Routley (Jane) Attending Ireland
A038 Helen Carroll Attending Ireland
A041 Gabriely Pinto Attending Ireland
A042 Stephen Gordon Attending United Kingdom
A043 Mihaela Marija Perkovic (Mihaela @rantalica) Attending Croatia
A044 Stacia Attending Ireland
A045 Jim Healy Attending Ireland
A046 Jane Routley (Jane) Attending Ireland
A047 Helen Craig Attending Ireland
A048 D.S. Ketelby Attending United Kingdom
A049 Matthew Mulhall Attending Ireland
A050 Thomas Mulhall Attending Ireland
A051 Eimear Kelly (Maggy) Attending Ireland
A052 Tamara Whelan (Tamara) Attending Ireland
A053 Paul Carroll Attending Ireland
A054 James Brophy Attending Ireland
A055 Makayla Attending Ireland
A056 Paul Mara Attending Ireland
A057 Máire Brophy Attending Ireland
A058 Legendgerry Attending Ireland
A059 Myrtle, Halfling Ranger. Attending Ireland
A060 Jörg Plate (Patterner) Attending Germany
A061 Janet O'Sullivan (Sharrow) Attending Ireland
A063 boschhydraulic Attending Canada
A064 LEVAN ALANIA Attending Georgia
A065 Jasmin Attending Ireland
A066 Kyrsten Mollman (Kyrsten) Attending United States of America
A067 Serena Attending Ireland
A068 Deanne Fountaine Attending Canada
A069 Shell Attending Ireland
A070 Brendan Minish (Brendan) Attending Ireland
A071 Fiona Minish Attending Ireland
A072 Angeline B. Adams Attending United Kingdom
A073 Emer Minish (Emer) Attending Ireland
A074 Lata Attending Canada
A075 Pat Fanning (Pat) Attending Ireland
A077 Samuel Poots Attending United Kingdom
A078 Sharon Attending Ireland
A079 Faranae Attending Canada
A080 Ed Arnott (Ed_in_Exile) Attending Ireland
A081 Neal Tanner Attending United States of America
A082 Rebecca Attending United Kingdom
A083 Agnes Kormendi Attending Hungary
A084 Dylan Kelly (Dylan) Attending Ireland
A085 Rhian Bowley (Rhian) Attending United Kingdom
A086 Shelly Attending Germany
A087 Jennifer Delaney Attending Netherlands
A088 Pepper Attending United Kingdom
A089 Cora Buhlert Attending Germany
A090 Roderick O Hanlon Attending Ireland
A091 Nuala Starkey Attending United Kingdom
A092 Caroline Mersey Attending United Kingdom
A093 Ethan Sabatella Attending Canada
A094 Rachel Toner (Rachel) Attending United Kingdom
A095 auntaggie Attending Ireland
A096 Lada Attending Ireland
A097 Sharon Best (Sharon) Attending Ireland
A098 Shelby Keys (Shelby) Attending United Kingdom
A099 AJ Attending United States of America
A100 Darwin Attending Canada
A101 Anton Sweeney (Anton) Attending Ireland
A102 Jeffrey Roe Attending Ireland
A103 Laura Pratt Attending United States of America
A104 Prufrax Attending United Kingdom
A105 David Laight Attending United Kingdom
A106 Tanaqui Attending United Kingdom
A107 Polly Davies Attending United Kingdom
A109 Dav Waldron Attending Ireland
A110 Richmond Clements (Richmond) Attending United Kingdom
A113 Haley Lane (Haley) Attending United States of America
A115 James Attending United Kingdom
A116 Claire McCague Attending Canada
A118 Meg MacDonald Attending United Kingdom
A119 Ed Fortune Attending United Kingdom
A120 Michael Wright Attending United Kingdom
A121 Roisin Attending Ireland
A122 Jessa Forest Attending United States of America
A123 Thomas Paxton Attending United States of America
A124 Jude Paxton Attending United States of America
A125 Laura Attending United Kingdom
A126 Cait Attending Ireland
A127 Jenny Barber Attending United Kingdom
A128 Mike Nolan Attending Ireland
A129 Tim Attending Ireland
A130 Lita Attending United Kingdom
A131 Nadia Tellez Attending United States of America
A132 Sussy Carrera (Sussy) Attending Canada
A133 Brittany Fletcher (Fletcher, Brittany) Attending United Kingdom
A134 Libby J Morris (Libby J) Attending United Kingdom
A135 Ryan Otoole (Ryan) Attending Ireland
A136 Lucy Attending United Kingdom
A137 Sarah Attending Ireland
A138 Brit Fletcher (Fletcher, Brit) Attending United Kingdom
A139 Tanaya Matchett (Tanaya) Attending Canada
A140 Zi Graves Attending United Kingdom
A141 Emma Tollafield (Emma) Attending United Kingdom
A142 Raymond Davis (Raymond) Attending Canada
A143 Elaine McIonyn Attending Ireland
A144 Lizzie Attending United Kingdom
A145 Sakura Perez Attending Ireland
A146 Kat Dodd Attending Ireland
A147 Colm Dodd Attending Ireland
A148 Ciara Attending Ireland
A149 Gillian Polack Attending Australia
A150 Marguerite Attending Ireland
A151 Pamela Attending Australia
A152 Emilie Morscheck Attending Australia
A153 Celia Pearce (C.H. Pearce) Attending Ireland
A154 Bryn Smith (Bryn) Attending Australia
A155 Alan Baxter Attending Australia
A156 Ronny York (Ronny) Attending Ireland
A157 Nathan Phillips Attending Australia
A158 Amanda Maynard-Schubert Attending Ireland
A159 Kaaron Warren (Kaaron) Attending Australia
A160 Cat Sparks Attending Australia
A161 Sam Hawke Attending Australia
A162 Vanessa MacLaren-Wray (Vanessa) Attending Ireland
A163 Len Baglow (Len) Attending Australia
A164 Rik Lagarto (Rik) Attending Australia
A166 Ann Gry Attending Russian Federation
A167 Richard Kennaway (Richard) Attending United Kingdom
A168 Meggan Alkire (Hangsz) Attending United States of America
A169 Bjørn Hell Attending Norway
A170 Fiona Moore (Fiona) Attending United Kingdom
A171 John Bray Attending United Kingdom
A172 Jennifer George George (Jennifer George) Attending United States of America
A173 john Attending United Kingdom
A174 Sakuya Attending Ireland
A175 Brendan Gillen Attending Ireland
A176 Jane Virgo (Jane) Attending Australia
A177 Stephen Pearl (Stephen) Attending Canada
A178 Lawrie Brown Attending Australia
A179 Roisin Loughran (Roisin) Attending Ireland
A180 Constanze Hofmann (Constanze) Attending Germany
A181 Sarah Murray (Sarah) Attending Ireland
A182 Neithos Attending Ireland
A183 Remco van Straten Attending United Kingdom
A184 Jesús Carrillo Attending Mexico
A185 Eimear Feerick (Eimear) Attending Ireland
A186 Cafemocha Attending United Kingdom
A187 Chris Walsh (Chris) Attending Ireland
A189 Daniel Bensen (Daniel) Attending Bulgaria
A190 Marcin 'Alqua' Klak Attending Poland
A191 Harun Šiljak (Harun) Attending Ireland
A192 Gary McKay Attending United Kingdom
A193 Marc McCluskey (Marc) Attending Ireland
A194 Amie Kaufman Attending Australia
A195 Aicha Attending Australia
A196 Nina Törnudd Attending Finland
A198 Laura Attending United Kingdom
A199 Edward Beecher (Sloweddi) Attending United States of America
A200 Isaac Cole Attending United Kingdom
A201 Anne-Louise Fortune Attending United Kingdom
A202 Valentin Ivanov (Valentin) Attending Bulgaria
A203 Fiona Kelly (Fona) Attending Ireland
A204 Louise Attending Ireland
A205 Terry Neill Attending United States of America
A206 Janet D'Agostino-Neill Attending United States of America
A207 Jantien Schoenmakers Attending Ireland
A208 Kat Kourbeti (darthjuno) Attending United Kingdom
A209 Richard Stephenson (Richard) Attending United Kingdom
A210 Amy Topaloudi Attending United Kingdom
A211 Kristiana Petrova (Kristiana) Attending Bulgaria
A212 Matt Calvert (Matt) Attending Ireland
A213 Gareth Hanrahan Attending Ireland
A214 Isabella Attending Ireland
A215 Kory Attending Ireland
A216 Gerard O'Sullivan Attending Ireland
A217 Steve Malone Attending Ireland
A218 Ali Baker Attending United Kingdom
A220 Kalin Nenov (Kal) Attending Bulgaria
A221 Barbara James (Barbara) Attending United Kingdom
A222 Lewis LeeHa Attending Korea (Republic of)
A223 Phil Dyson Attending United Kingdom
A224 Doreen Kirker (Doreen) Attending Ireland
A226 Jake Attending United States of America
A227 Erlinda Attending United States of America
A228 Peter Attending Australia
A229 Dan Abnett Attending United Kingdom
A230 Tyty 92 (Tyty) Attending France
A231 Peter Wilkinson Attending United Kingdom
A232 Clare Boothby Attending United Kingdom
A233 Si2Au Attending Netherlands
A234 Karina Steffens (Karina) Attending Ireland
A235 Malcolm Hutchison (Malcolm H) Attending United Kingdom
A236 Orion Attending United Kingdom
A237 Sarah Johnson Attending United Kingdom
A238 Claudia Rapp Attending Germany
A239 Zy Nicholson Attending Ireland
A240 Angela Rosin (Ang Rosin) Attending United Kingdom
A241 Anouk Arnal Attending France
A242 Andriy Attending Ukraine
A243 Andriy Attending Ukraine
A244 Steven Radecki Attending United States of America
A245 Sonia Attending Ireland
A246 Mark Attending Ireland
A247 Kenji Attending India
A248 demi Attending India
A249 Sion Arrowsmith Attending United Kingdom
A250 Soye Attending India
A251 Caitriona Clarke Attending Ireland
A252 Declan Meenagh Attending Ireland
A253 Sarah Daley Attending United States of America
A254 Ian Moore Attending Ireland
A255 Maggie Attending United Kingdom
A256 Ginger Smith Attending United States of America
A258 Tanya Attending Ireland
A262 Seán Byrne (Seán) Attending Ireland
A263 Meabh Nic Raghnaill (Meabh) Attending Ireland
A264 Adrian McVeigh (Adrian) Attending Ireland
A265 Joseph Loftus (Loftus, Joseph) Attending United Kingdom
A266 Leanne Sheridan (Leanne) Attending Ireland
A267 Aoife Keane (Aoife) Attending Ireland
A268 Simon Attending Ireland
A269 Caroline Lambe Attending United Kingdom
A270 Luke Keating (Luke) Attending Ireland
A271 Stephen Attending Ireland
A272 Niall Dunne (Niall) Attending Ireland
A273 James Bacon (James) Attending Ireland
A274 Nigel Quinlan (Nigel) Attending Ireland
A275 Patricia A Jackson Attending United States of America
A276 Jo Zebedee Attending United Kingdom
A277 Kim Newman (Kim) Attending United Kingdom
A278 Joseph Elliott-Coleman (Joseph) Attending United Kingdom
A279 Max Attending Ireland
A280 Caroline Mullan Attending United Kingdom
A281 Aaron Fever Attending Ireland
A282 Alison Scott Attending United Kingdom
A283 Rachel Attending Hungary
A284 Xander Storey Cosgrave (Xander) Attending Ireland
A285 Rory Attending Ireland
A286 Mark Kielty (Mark) Attending Ireland
A287 Stephen Deas Attending United Kingdom
A288 Peadar O'Guilin (Peadar) Attending Ireland
A289 Cheryl Morgan Attending United Kingdom
A290 Tyler Kerr Attending Ireland
A291 Bea Attending United States of America
A292 Carol Connolly Attending Ireland
A293 Andrew Attending Malaysia
A294 Lisa Jacob (Lisa) Attending United States of America
A295 Aly L Abramowitz Attending Ireland
A296 Seamus Turner (Seamus) Attending New Zealand
A297 Steve Soult Attending United States of America
A298 Ciara Farrell (CiaraElaine) Attending Ireland
A299 Nomen Luni Attending Ireland
A300 Gideon Hallett (Gideon) Attending United Kingdom
A301 Fabio Fernandes Attending Brazil
A302 Wendy Duly (Pebble) Attending United Kingdom
A303 Bridgina Molloy (Abydos6) Attending Ireland
A304 Damien Pascoe Attending Ireland
A305 Kendra Jackson (Ceindreadh) Attending Ireland
A306 Wendy Metcalfe (Wendy) Attending United Kingdom
A307 Beele Attending United Kingdom
A308 Jocelyn Attending United Kingdom
A309 Samlowry Attending Estonia
A310 Robert J.E. Simpson Attending United Kingdom
A311 Gillian Dempsey (Gillian) Attending Ireland
A312 Zackary Attending Ireland
A313 Michelle Griffin Attending Ireland
A314 Riikka Jaspert (Riikka) Attending Germany
A315 Chih Wang (Chih) Attending United States of America
A316 Christopher Garcia Attending United States of America
A317 Joan Fleming (Joan) Attending Ireland

Country Breakdown

Country Number of members
Ireland 146
United Kingdom 80
United States of America 27
Australia 16
Canada 11
Germany 7
Bulgaria 4
Finland 3
India 3
France 2
Ukraine 2
Hungary 2
Netherlands 2
Norway 1
Estonia 1
Mexico 1
Poland 1
Croatia 1
Korea (Republic of) 1
Georgia 1
Malaysia 1
New Zealand 1
Luxembourg 1
Russian Federation 1
Brazil 1
Total 317